Saturday 18 November 2023


Character stickers of the original saga's iconic heroes and villains were all the rage between 1977 and 1983. and here are some genuine rarities linked to Revenge of the Jedi from the UK Leeds-based Fun Products International Ltd company, which were made circa 1982 and recently went for a lot of money on online auction. Presumably these were part of some kind of advance test package for publicity or for licensing approval. If anyone saw these released as part of the eventual Return of the Jedi merchandise line-up by 1983, please get in touch... 

Revenge of the Jedi | C&T Auctioneers and Valuers

Saturday 28 October 2023


Movie poster art is vitally important in selling any film to the general public either before or during its theatrical release. And when it comes to the evolving Star Wars movie series, just as important in the marketing is each adventure's logo, which goes through many iterations before the final one is locked in for use. Here's an early hand drawn graphic by designer Jay Vigon for Revenge of the Jedi, which has intriguing differencies to the final version used for what would ultimately become Return of the Jedi by 1983.

An image that was part of an online propstore auction from earlier in 2023.

Saturday 8 July 2023


It was a long time coming but Star Wars fans were finally getting hold of one of the first action figures for the then upcoming Revenge of the Jedi by late 1982/early 1983, via highly successful proof of purchase mail-ins within both the US (Kenner) and UK (via Palitoy), as the mystery leader of the Rebel Alliance space fleet, the fishy Admiral Ackbar, was revealed, whetting (forgive the potential pun) our appetites for more...

Mail-in Offers: Admiral Ackbar Action Figure

The US sticker for the new Revenge figure mail-in stuck to Empire figures in the US.

Thursday 25 May 2023


Unused poster concept art.

It ended the once publicity described saga of 'a boy, a girl and a universe' in spectacular, noteworthy style, with epic action, amazing special effects, grotesque and humorous creatures, and, in its key storytelling - most importantly - resolving an emotional and highly dramatic personal conflict, ultimately through honour and sacrifice, darkness turned to light, between father and son.

Return of the Jedi turned out to be the emotionally satisfying and rewarding viewing experience we all hoped it would be back on this day May 25th, 1983 onwards...

May the Force be with George Lucas and the cast and crew who made the film such an enduring winner in the Star Wars franchise.


Saturday 6 May 2023


Luke and Artoo make the most of a local Tatooine hovel in order to plan (alongside Lando and Chewie) Han Solo's ultimate rescue from Jabba the Hutt, in this intriguing production design by the late Norman Reynolds, from circa mid-1981, for Revenge of the Jedi. It would be a scene that would be changed by the time Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas's script was finalised by the end of that year, replaced with a small cave environment where Luke would receive telepath communication from Darth Vader whilst completing his new lightsaber.

Monday 2 January 2023


It's a trap! And Han Solo and his commando squad have been caught firmly in it as they are now paraded out of the Shield Generator Control room by their captors. A great image, which first appeared (as far as I know) in the US Fantastic Films magazine, showing the continued blockbuster action scope of the saga and its latest entry then coming soon to cinemas- a mouth-watering sneak peak (a full size AT-ST Walker on location!) showing LOTS of Imperial Stormtroopers and a chance to see Han Solo back in action, now clearly committed to the Rebel cause, unthawed after the climactic events of The Empire Strikes Back

It was so great to have Solo/Ford returning for Revenge of the Jedi, as their had been some doubts for a short while back in 1981...

Tuesday 8 November 2022


A rarity that was unearthed from the late Jeremy Bulloch's collection that was sold off via an East Bristol UK auction house last year- some kind of one sheet poster celebrating the 1982 sixth anniversary of the original Star Wars whilst primarily promoting the upcoming Revenge of the Jedi. a rare piece of merchandise signed not just by Bulloch but also Dave Prowse and Kenny Baker, two other saga legends sadly no longer with us.