Saturday, 25 June 2016


Everyone knows and loves the marvellous original teaser poster that Drew Struzan did of Vader against red for REVENGE/RETURN OF THE JEDI in 1982/83, but what about the unused concept poster ideas he had? Well, here's a selection.

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Friday, 17 June 2016


Art by Ralph McQuarrie.

RETURN OF THE JEDI's climax heavily concentrated its planetary storytelling on the forest moon of Endor and the second Death Star, but in the original 1981 drafts of REVENGE OF THE JEDI, a lot of drama and action would also have been set on the Imperial City, later named Coruscant, of which George Lucas (apparently albeit reluctantly) also used the Expanded Universe's devised planet name for the Prequel Trilogy.

An Imperial Shuttle flies the skies. Art by Joe Johnston.

As well as Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie was heavily involved in early concept work, recalling to STARLOG magazine in October 1983: "The biggest thing left out of RETURN OF THE JEDI was the planet for the Imperials. We worked on this Imperial City a long time, but its never used in the film. George decided to just have everything taking place in space. It's elaborate and quite pretty. But I don't want to reveal what it looks like because George might use it in the future." 

Some of McQuarrie's images would later find a home as part of 1996's much-loved EPISODES V and VI bridge in Shadows of the Empire, and the concept art for the Imperial City would indeed be revisited by Lucas for the Prequels.

Friday, 10 June 2016


STAR WARS arrival from the mid-seventies onwards conveniently followed along the popular path of the exploding home video game genre, each one soon influencing the other in many respects and ambitions. ATARI was one of the kings of that Eighties "Golden Age", of which REVENGE OF THE JEDI was to have played a memorable part, as seen in these two prototype game covers bearing the original title and logo.

Saturday, 4 June 2016


Its hard to believe that George Lucas seriously considered that the little green Jedi wonder Yoda might never came back for REVENGE OF THE JEDI, especially after all the costly production difficulties and delays it had cost to bring him/it to life during THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Thankfully, incoming director Richard Marquand, a big supporter of the character, knew the importance of the Jedi Master's return to the saga, basically for what would be a limited but story confirming role, and then be killed off to join the netherworld of the Force.

As much as Vader had been the emblem for EMPIRE, so too would be Yoda's inheritance of the patchwork insignia for REVENGE/RETURN. Below are the variations.

With thanks to Chris Baker