Monday, 30 May 2016


Welcome to the first off-shoot blog site from the world-popular STAR WARS AFICIONADO, dedicated to the enigma and fascination that all STAR WARS fans young and old share for the originally titled version of RETURN OF THE JEDI that was REVENGE OF THE JEDI.

Despite the eventual 1983 change to the more apt RETURN, I loved that original REVENGE title back in the day as a ten year old kid (and just as much now) - I'll never forget the moment I first heard it revealed by Mark Hamill on the UK's BBC children's show ASK ASPEL back in May 1980 (and also that week's BLUE PETER, too!). It brought to my mind an upcoming tale of mystery, excitement and action, building to fever-pitch excitement when the eventual news came of the film's commencement of filming after two years waiting, of what was surely going to be an intriguing continuance from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK- REVENGE sounded like a genuine finale name to the originally planned middle saga of the three George Lucas created trilogies, and worked well in telling us that, after the hardships our heroes suffered in the previous film, the tide of battle and drama was surely, finally changing in their favour.

This site will be dedicated to all things REVENGE related across all media, especially focusing on the unused or changed ideas, scripts and conceptual art leading up to its final genesis post production by late quarter 1981 and going into January 1982 filming/production, as well as key items afterwards still bearing the original title. Keep checking back on us for regular updated articles and links.

I think that this tribute site to REVENGE is something well deserved and warranted, and I hope you enjoy it. I want to try and keep as uniquely different to STAR WARS AFICIONADO as possible. Any ideas or suggestions on improvements/additions are welcome, as too are any kind of materials linked to this original "Star Wars III" (as it was also once referred). I look forward to your potential feedback.

May the Force Be With You!

Scott Weller


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